Are you familiar with general dentistry? This is the sort of dental care that is as it sounds, the “general” stuff that includes exams, cleanings and discussions about oral hygiene with our dental team. Because everyone is a candidate for general dentistry, it means that everyone is also a candidate for preventative dentistry? Why? They are, essentially, the same thing! At Port Washington Dental Care in Port Washington, NY we offer a full array of preventative dentistry treatments that we feel are essential to any patient’s long-term oral health.

Understanding Oral Health

As your family dentist in Port Washington, we are happy to provide a long list of general as well as preventative, cosmetic and restorative treatments. However, it all begins with prevention. For example, let’s consider the issue of tooth decay. It will usually start at the surface and make its way into the enamel and then the pulp of the tooth. It never goes away on its own and has to be dealt with by a dental expert. It is something that can be stopped by regular dental cleanings and proper oral hygiene, but only if a patient pays a visit and has that treatment done.

What that means is simple: everyone is a candidate for preventative dentistry because it is the work done to prevent tooth decay, as well as more serious issues like gum disease and even the advancement of oral cancer.

Of course, it can be confusing for families to know if a child or younger patient is also a candidate for preventative dentistry, and the answer to that is a resounding yes. Children as early as one or two years of age can be introduced to dentistry through a first visit and gentle exam. It can be incredibly beneficial for them to have positive reinforcement around dental visits and general oral healthcare, and it allows our team to ensure a child’s teeth are healthy and even discuss proper brushing with parents.

In this way, we see that anyone is a good candidate for preventative dentistry simply because it involves the cleanings, checkups and essential treatment needed to catch any issues early, address them properly and even lay the foundation for a higher level or oral health over the long term.

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